Sora no Woto episode 9: Oedipus Complex

Considering how poorly a Twilight mention went over on my Dance in the Vampire Bund post, I’m so going to get lectured on this. It’s a joke. Maybe not a funny one, but a joke nonetheless.

This episode maintains the familiar slice of life tone where the story slowly progresses while actually managing to be extremely tense at the end.

My best friend is a nature geek, and I am a bit of one, so this scene made me happy

Rio’s scene where she was playing jazz was extremely cool. That said, I don’t care at all for Rio’s current drama and daddy issues. To be blunt, it bores me. However, if it does lead to more whaling on the trumpet like that, then I guess I’ll live with it.

As if it wasn’t obvious already, despite the troop’s poor reputation in the overall army, it’s apparent that this village depends on them and what they do for the townsfolk is invaluable. Although I hesitate to say that, wondering if the entire village works together and helps each other and the army is part of the village so they’re just doing their part of the job, or if the villagers truly are dependent on them. Either way, it’s definite that they’ve helped the village many times, and I feel that the girls are more likely to want to defend the village then the actual army.

I love this owl.

Kureha and Claus. I was definitely relieved to find out it wasn’t a romantic crush as that Kureha lacks a father figure and wants Claus to be hers. I wonder what happened to her parents exactly, it wasn’t stated. The plot twist about Claus, I definitely did not see coming, and was appropriately shocked.

That wink...

While it wasn’t a battle, it was definitely really cool to see the tank in action. It definitely reminded me back when they talked about how tanks don’t kill, it’s the people inside the tanks that do. It seems also that not only can this tank take lives, but it can save them. It’s definitely an odd way to see a weapon of war, yet it’s true of this one.

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