Heartcatch Precure Episode 4: I’m from the 80’s

A new villain appears!

He looks so 80's

He's rather 80's in personality as well.

This episode also did a lot a focusing on the dynamic between Tsubomi and Erika. While Erika is catching on quickly and adjusting to being a precure, Tsubomi is still struggling, causing her a great deal of insecurity in this episode. It was actually fairly realistic idea, and felt fairly natural, though her reaction at first seemed over the top, when she explained she didn’t want to hold Erika back, it made sense. It’s funny how dramatic the titles are, yet the episodes are well written.

Duel transformation scene was just freaking awesome.

I’m still appreciating the fact that not everything goes perfect in their battles, and that the girls are still stumbling and getting use to their roles. I think it’s the little touches such as these that are making the series work for me.

I still want to strangle those faries, and am now getting really creeped out by fact they poop heart seeds. At first, it was just a little bothersome, but the more episodes were I get a fairy butt shoved in my face, the weirder it gets.

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