Are the limits of moe being pushed this season?

This has been quite an unusual season for moe. The moe is there, but it’s taken on some unusual forms, almost as if creators are trying to push the limits of what it means to be moe. I suppose before I continue, it’d be best to review what I consider moe. It’s possible to look up the definition, but fandom has twisted and warped the definition, and I doubt there’s one concrete definition out there. I remember when I was first trying to figure it out and found a whole range of definitions from the ones I looked up to various ones people tried to say to me, by favorite still being, “Moe are young girls that look like adults while being young. You, with your big boobs and nicely shaped body, are moe.”

The definition I’m looking at is that moe is a term for girls that come across as innocent and vulnerable, often being adorable and perfect women that don’t exist in the real world. You want to protect them, take them home with you, or even have sex with them.

While these girls are plentiful this season, they’ve taken some strange forms. Sora no Woto, which at the beginning of the season drew interest for the art being awfully similar to another moe anime K-On, and left mainly expecting something similar to that, including myself. While there’s no doubt that the characters are moe, the series now up to episode 8, makes it seem like a bit of a sick joke. They’re stuck in a world devastated by war, with a need for an army, and an uncertain future, or really, any certainty they’ll survive the series.

On a lighter tone, how about a world where cute girls are willing to marry you for doing a simple act of kindness in for them? Although in the world of Hanamaru Kindergarten, these girls are in kindergarten and visibly wearing training pants. Gainax has always liked to poke fun at the idea of moe, having done so previously in Gurren Lagann with Nia, and seem to be returning to poking fun again. While the quality of the series fluctuates, there’s no mistake that they’re poking fun at the idea, proving you don’t have to be fully potty trained to be moe.

However, the most unusual example this season has to be that of Celty. I strongly feel that she is the most moe character I have even seen, which she switches to from the kick-ass mysterious superhero that prevents girls from killing themselves. The kicker? She has no head. Yet this doesn’t distract from her moe qualities at all, but rather, adds an air of mystery to her. Five minutes of watching her, and I want to get up from my couch and do whatever I can to help her find her head.

Is it just a mere coincidence that these shows have aired this season, or at creators trying to see just how far they can push the idea of moe? Maybe things like that happen occasionally, and I’m just so new to the moe scene that this is my first time witnessing it? If that is true, then seeing a stale idea made fresh is truly exciting, especially for the first time. From these series though, it seems the idea of moe can indeed be pushed quite far, despite age, maturity, or even having a head.


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4 responses to “Are the limits of moe being pushed this season?

  1. mefloraine

    I think it’s just coincidence, myself.

  2. there no limit to moe, if theres money to be made rest assured there going to try and make it. Moe is selling well so their trying to push it more, eventually things will turn sour.

  3. qew

    11 eyes is a moe show

    Kampfer is amoe show

    Is the moe invasion

  4. Being a term used to describe a subjective feeling, Moe never had limits to begin with. It’s the objective definitions given to the word that ends up putting a boundary box around it. The ‘moe limits’ haven’t really expanded, it’s simply the audience landing on a new continent of traits that they find ‘moe’.

    Charting new fields of moe is a side-effect of original character/story concepts, and that’s something writers try to go for all the time

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