Hanamaru Youchien episode 8: I’m finally enjoying this series again

The characters introduced in this episode are so freaking cute, it’s ridiculous.

While I do know that Aoi is probably only a one time character and will fade into the background, but I still really liked her story. Especially the ending where she drew herself into the picture with her parents. Luckily Hinaginku is here to stay.

When people ask why I don't like Yamamoto, I'll use this explanation.

Watching this made me realize that it’s been a few weeks since I’ve enjoyed Hanamaru Kindergarten. I haven’t liked the episodes with drama, and honestly prefer if they focused on the antics of the crazy kids. This episode did offer more focus on the kids, and although it didn’t get of the drama completely, it didn’t have enough to ruin this episode for me. Especially the second half, which didn’t really have much drama, but rather, wonderfully outrageous dialogue.

High aspirations.

Also, you’d think that Tsuchi learned his lesson about helping strange little girls the first time. Apparently not. Just how many kindergarten girls have to fall for him before he learns his lesson.

This ending theme was definitely my favorite out of all the ones that I have been done so far, although with four more episodes to go, something may still overtake it. I dunno though, I like Hinaginku, and I like cats…

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