What’s so great about Durarara!!? Well, it helps if you don’t look too hard.

Today when I started watching Durarara!! on my computer, my mom was sitting next to me, working on her novel. She glanced over, and was instantly drawn into the relationship between Shinra and Celty. Not that I blame her, as Celty is both fascinating as a character and the relationship is also such. More and more as the series goes on, Celty proves that just because she’s supernatural doesn’t make her less then a women, especially in the moodiness category.

I think it says something about the show to draw someone in like that, especially as it wasn’t the first episode, but rather the eighth.

A lot of people complain that they don’t see what’s so great about Durarara!! and the reason I think this happens is because people go into Durarara!! expecting the wrong things. It’s easy to look at the cast, and expect some action packed series full of awesome fights. While fights do happen, they’re short, and fewer then would be thought.

The show is not an action show. I would classify Durarara!! as a slice of life/mystery. The thing is, the slice of life is done with a most unusual casts in a most unusual setting. There lives are fascinating, partially as these people do not live normal day to day lives.

The true genius of Durarara!! is in the interconnecting relationships and the dynamics between the characters. The viewers become emotionally attached to the characters, and want to see what happens to them next, and what their future holds in this mysterious city where it feels anything can happen. Also, as anything can happen, anything does, leading to some truly epic moments such as flying vending machines. Still, sometimes it’s the simplest things that leave an impression of being awesome, such as Shizuo breaking things. The suspense and attachment is what keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

However, if someone tries to look outside the characters to see what’s so great, they’re just going to miss the point. There’s nothing really that interesting outside the characters. Focusing on the characters themselves, and letting them entertain rather then search for what makes the show so great is where the genius can be found.

After all, Celty can even capture the attention of someone who has no interest in anime in under five minutes.


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2 responses to “What’s so great about Durarara!!? Well, it helps if you don’t look too hard.

  1. Karry

    Whats great in DRRR for me, is that despite all the supernatural occurences, it feels refreshingly real and mundane. And i mean “adequate real”, not “anime real”. Yeah, there’s Shizuo, who’s a local urban legend, and others like him, but nobody thinks twice about it, as everyone got used to things like that, its how life goes in dark corners of the night city.

  2. Its a must watch anime!

    the place based on a true place “ikebukuro”

    alot of twist and turns in the anime you’ll understand everyones background story in a way you not go bored

    an anime that have all! suspense, comedy, drama, love, urban legends and other interesting things !

    you have to watch this! me im really expecting a season two

    if watched and like durarara! you should be watching baccano!
    same op introducing cast durara is set in the present where technology is being used while in bacanno is set in around 1930’s trains truely gives you the thrill and enjoyment you found in durarara!

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