Memory Quilt Patch: K-On and Kino’s Journey

I don’t understand why K-On goes before everything else of the K category rather then last on MAL, and it’s kinda drives me nuts, but that’s how life goes. I actually ended up doing the Kino’s Journey patch before the K-On patch as I didn’t have much idea what to do for K-On.

There’s not much to say about K-On except that I like it, and I don’t care if anyone else does. Although I am a little sad that it’s become the symbol of ‘Moe’ as I still feel that’s an anime about being a girl and the friendship between girls, not really ‘moe’. Guys always ruin everything…just kidding on that statement.

Kino’s Journey is one of my favorite animes. I bought the boxset after someone recommended the series to me and I found it was on sale. I loved the world building and the different countries with the only connecting thread between them being a girl and her motorcycle visiting them and only staying for three days. Although at this point I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen, I keep hoping that someday that someday there will be a second season.


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2 responses to “Memory Quilt Patch: K-On and Kino’s Journey

  1. Nice Patch! I used to do something similar when I was a kid, but instead I knitted Peanut characters (Charlie Brown, Snoopy, etc). Those were the days ;_;

    Yeah, I was the only guy in my school who enjoyed knitting, but that’s just me!

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