Kobato episode 19: It’s Christmas!

I always find Christmas episodes during not Christmas woefully misplaced. Slice of life anime rarely don’t have them, and once in a while, they strangely enjoyable despite the fact they don’t fit the time of year at all.

Luckily, the Kobato episode was one of the strangely enjoyable ones, and easily the most beautiful episode of the whole show.

Having stuck with Kobato and gotten attached to the characters, it’s strange how emotional everything is. The episode had its amusing moments to, such as Fugimoto as Santa Claus and Ioroygi and the reindeer hat, but overall, an intense episode.

I don't think he likes it...

We find out the details of Fugimoto ending up alone, and dang, it’s really sad. While I’m not going to use it as an excuse for his behavior, unlike everyone else in this show, it does explain why he’s the way he is. The amount of trust broken in that event is hard to phantom.

These two never stop being too darn cute.

Kobato also finally admits to having feelings for Fugimoto, maybe of the romantic variety, or maybe not. She doesn’t even fully understand the feelings that she is facing right now, which makes it harder for me to interpret. It seems a little late to place a romantic relationship and resolve it.

I never am going to look at a Santa the same way again...

Dobato’s a real trooper. He has to deal with the girl he likes liking someone else, and he does with a smile on his face.

The end of the episode and how things resolve between Kobato and Fugimoto is one of the warm fuzzies kind. Iorogyi leaves us with a chilling reminder at the very end. Kobato’s running out of time, and the show has only five episodes left.

This scene is ridiculously beautiful.

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