Baka to Test to Shokanju 7

Yes! Finally an episode without too many characters stuffed in there, or the recycling of jokes.

Yuuji tries option 3 of this list to explain his porn collection. He probably should have gone with number 4.

This episode mainly focused on Yuuji and Shouko using those tickets from episode 5 to go to the amusement park and experience a mock wedding. Their classmates pitch in the help force Yuuji to go along with it, whether he likes it or not.

And why do you actually look like a boy?

Yuuji and Shouko are turning into one of my favorite couples this season, although for all the wrong reasons. Shouko passionately loves Yuuji, but her intense possessiveness as well as her abuse of Yuuji is quite amusing. I did think Yuuji at least had some feelings for her, and by the end of the episode, I’m sure of it.

I'm not a furry, I'm not a furry, I'm not a fur-dang it.

Where the episode surprised me was when it actually got serious. The things that other couple was saying and the general making fun of Shouko was actually really hurtful. Even though Yuuji’s too much of a man to admit caring in front of his friends, he still confronted the rude couple, and came back to reassure her.

Unless you're Edgeworth...

The speech he gave was a very moving speech. I suppose he’s a romantic as long as no one else is around to see it. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want a guy telling her those things? Well, most of the things. No girl wants to hear that her feelings are misplaced.

I think she's the 2nd hottest girl on this show...

Shouko’s quite the romantic herself. Well, when she’s not hurting Yuuji anyway…

Why I’m surprised is it actually was decently done, although the romantic in me loved it. I don’t have much tolerance for cheese, so I was expecting any serious scenes that turned up to be pretty dang terrible, and so far, this anime has not done seriousness that well. It seems the finally have found their groove with this show.


The new ending theme with just girls is cute enough, but I think I liked the guys a lot better.

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  1. >>I’m not a furry, I’m not a furry, I’m not a fur-dang it.

    It’s okay, Himeji’s voice with a stuffed anime is simply too adorable D:

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