Ace Attorney Investigations: Episode 2 impressions

This one took somewhere between 2-3 hours to be complete. Spoilers are present underneath the cut.

Miles Edgeworth’s bad luck continues. He wakes up from passing out during turbulence on his airplane flight, to steel him to overcome his fear and board a elevator…just to find a dead body in it. Then he’s accused of murdering the guy.

Are all first class airplanes this nice? I don’t think I’ve heard of an airplane besides those fancy CEOs’ airplanes that has these features.

The point in the case where they mentioned in the airport being in ‘America’ really annoyed me, as the Phoenix Wright games obviously do not take place in America. I guess they wanted to make it consistent why everyone had English names and spoke English but still…

I loved Teneiro’s hair. It’s these subtle bits of satire that really make the game. In the end, I felt really bad for her. Someone should have explained to her that the suitcases were just plain overpriced. She had a rough time in this episode, and was so worn out and depressed at the end.

Seeing Franziska again was really nice. She’s one of my favorite prosecutors. I hate how she felt dumbed down in this though. Maybe she was on her period or just having an off day or something. I will find a way to justify this and assure myself she’s the awesome character she’s always been! Luckily, she was still kick-arse with that whip, although I wish she’d whipped Cammy…

I was surprised that I already had Cammy figured out as the murderer from the beginning. At first she was annoying, although not the most annoying character I’ve had to work with in the game. When she pulled out that bubblepipe though…it was ridiculous and awesome.

I absolutely love this gameplay. I find it a little tenser then that of the Phoenix Wright games, and more satisfying. I love connecting logic together to figure out what’s going on in the cases. If there’s one feature from here that I hopes gets used in future games, it’s the logic function. If two, I want the 3D gameplay.

In the end though, I think Franziska is having a rougher time the Miles, with her Interpol job. We’re introduced to the conflict between Interpol and this mysterious case, making it pretty obvious that Edgeworth is going to be dragged into this conflict.

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  1. I’m always glad to see Franzy — she is my favorite gal in all the Ace Attorney games. ❤

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