Kobato episode 18

In this episode, we return to the main storyline of the debt collectors.

Her new outfit is adorable.

Once again, I’m surprised by Kobato’s goodwill in this episode. The debt collector thug returns to loiter in front of the nursery. This isn’t just any debt collector, but the one who pulled Kobato’s hair. Yet when he’s in trouble, Kobato stays by his side and takes care of him. Her purity is definitely not normal for a human being, but still sweet.

Those are some sweet shades.

Yet it seems when it comes to the loan sharks, they’ve reached the end of the line. I don’t see any conceivable way they’re going to get out of this. I’m hoping the anime will soon explain how Sayaka met her husband; I’d like to know how she managed to marry that piece of work.

Doumoto has confessed to liking Kobato and wanting her to spend Christmas with. Drama is brewing, I just hope it doesn’t get cheesy and over the top.

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