Ace Attorney Investigations: Episode 1 impressions

Phoenix Wright is back. Well, kinda. Miles Edgeworth has been given his own spin-off series, focusing on the popular prosecutor and his buddies from the games.

So far, I’m been pleasantly surprised and pleased with the game. The first episode is always the tutorial episode, a simple case to help you get the handle on the gameplay. It took my about a hour and a half to complete. Yes, there are spoilers, but I will warn you when the spoilers really start.

Apparently, being a kick-butt prosecutor means there a lot of people out to get you. He’s been set-up in a boat. He’s found a body inside his trunk. Now we open the game with Miles Edgeworth coming back from vacation to find that a murder has happened inside his office. Which Edgeworth is understandably unhappy about. Apparently, he’s really picky about keeping his office.

And so we enter into Miles Edgeworth’s head. As in the previous games, while the systems they set up for the game work, their explanations for why they’re there still leave a lot to be desired. Everytime Edgeworth tried to explain about the importance of pressing the ‘Logic’ button, I couldn’t help but chortle and wonder about his sanity. Apparently, if you’re Edgeworth, you live life constant surrounded by strange buttons. Luckily, once past that stage, Edgeworth no longer talks about pressing various buttons that it makes no sense to press.

The graphics are gorgeous. The sprites animation has been made smoother then in the previous games. Switching from first person perspective to third person not only adds an depth to the story that was lacking before, and makes the investigations easier and less tedious.

To say that this game doesn’t have the courtroom scenes is fortunately not true. These confrontations still exist, they’re just no longer in the courtroom, but basically where ever Edgeworth chooses to confront people.

I think I like being in Edgeworth’s head better then Phoenix. Its nice being in the viewpoint of someone actually confidence, even though his confidence is still ridiculous, and I like his logic and way of thinking better. He’s just more interesting, although I’ve already liked Edgeworth’s POV better since Trials and Tributations.

-Spoilers start here-

While the case was the simple starting off the game case, it’s was still well-written. We see the return of many old faces such as Gumshoe, Maggey Bryde, and Panye. I’m a huge Gumshoe fan, and his presence in this episode did not disappoint. The dialogue between him and Edgeworth was just as amusing as ever.

The new graphics have done Maggey well. She has to be one the hottest female characters seen in the games.

The villain in this one has got to be the stupidest prosecutor in the history of prosecutors. While he was a slippery, it’s hard to take him seriously after he tries to frame Gumshoe for the murder. I mean, there’s choosing the wrong guy, and there’s choosing the wrong guy.

Not much else to say. Simple case, in and out, laying out of the overall plot at the end of the episode that has yet to be all that interesting.


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5 responses to “Ace Attorney Investigations: Episode 1 impressions

  1. RP

    I’ve been meaning to get into this series since the Phoenix Wright days. But now I can’t find any of the old games!

    Is there a way to lose the game? Or do all roads lead to one ending?

    • Well, technically you don’t need any of the older games to play. They’re all set up to be stand alone so you can play them out of order. However, I tried looking at or for the used games. They are findable, just sometimes take a bit of work. 😉

      There is a way to look the game, by making too many mistakes and running out of ‘life’ but with obsessive saving, It’s easy to avoid. Although in the last case in the second game, losing the game actually does give you an alternate ending. 😉

  2. dood

    If you get too many wrong logic assumption and/or failed rebuttal attemps you “life” bars drains and its a game over just like its predecessor.

  3. Just started the game myself (in the middle of case two at the moment). Maggey is sooooooooooooooooooo hot now. I mean, damn.

    This case isn’t bad for an opener — pretty tough to top the first cases from Trials and Tribulations, and Apollo Justice. It does a pretty good job of setting things up, though, since there are plenty of story threads that are immediately intriguing.

    I do miss going to court, though. This will probably change for me, but directly confronting suspects doesn’t feel quite the same to me. It’s probably just because this is an early case, however; I expect the suspense to be ratcheted up to the usual intense levels in later cases.

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