The Problems of Dating an Otaku: A dedication post to a past era.

Scamp did a list of his top 30 anime, which made me realize that I’ve never really complied such a list. As I started to think about, I remembered why I never sat down and did. I would have been able to do so six months ago without a second thought, but it’s not so easy now.

I think most hardcore anime fans hope if they end up in a relationship with someone also interested in anime. It is nice to have someone who actually understands why you enjoy anime as much as you, and to share it with them. However, few people talk about the negative side to dating someone also interested in genre, that is, what happened when you break up. You know that age old addendum of not being to go somewhere anymore, or listen to a certain song anymore. Rather for me, it’s not being able to enjoy certain shows as much as I use to or being able to watch them anymore.

To be fair, this hasn’t happened in all my failed relationships. Rather, it’s only happened as the result of an incredibly messy and painful break-up that finally ended a relationship that had been on and off for 3 ½ years. Not that I’d ever want to go back. My current relationship, now at six months, has been everything I’ve ever wanted, and my boyfriend has been the best thing to happen to me. Perhaps a sign that I didn’t learn my lesson, he’s also an anime fan.

Luckily, the ex and I had different taste, so he didn’t ruin too much for me. It’s kinda bizarre, as some animes that we loved equally, or talked about equally, some have been ruined, and some haven’t.

So this post is to dedicate to those series/movies that may or may not have made it onto my best list, but unfairly won’t know thanks to a major life mistake of mine.

Things I’m still not able to watch

His and Her Circumstances

Gainax decided to take a stab at the slice of life and love story genre, and actually did a pretty good job. Not perfect, with a second season that never happened the series felt incomplete, and one of the most annoying ‘I have no idea if they had sex or not’ scenes. I mean, if you think Clannad: After Story was annoying, you need to see this.

Matsumoto’s works

Matsumoto is the genius behind Starblazers, Galaxy Express 999 and Captain Harlock. I do plan to go back and rewatch the original season of Captain Harlock someday, just haven’t felt like it yet. Something I’m never going to watch is Gunbuster and Diebuster. Yes, I’ve heard it’s amazing/awesome and so forth. But I still can’t. On a side note, I really loved his Galaxy Railways, and my love of the series is such that it was one of the few things that weren’t ruined for me.

Whisper of the Heart

One of Ghibli’s less well-known films, but it’s pretty freaking awesome. It’s one of the films you don’t want to tell too much about, as you don’t want to ruin anything…but it’s a film I think fans should see if they haven’t yet. Unless it reminds them of their ex…

Things I still enjoy, but have been ‘tainted’

Gurren Lagann- Row Row Fight the Power! Logic just doesn’t exist and has no place in this world. You can try to apply logic. One character did. In the end though, the power of manly men and manly women wins out! I need to watch that first and second movie.

Last Exile- Back when Gonzo use to make good stuff, they made Last Exile. It’s a show that involves airships, and some kick-butt battles. Usually by the first episode, people know if they’re going to love it or hate it.

Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water-Now here’s a quality show for children. If you want to watch it, you honestly have to skip the first four episodes. Don’t even bother. Just know that Jean meets a girl named Nadia, and they end up on a ship. If you like Last Exile, I promise, you will like Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water.

Patlabor-When it comes to nostalgia and awesome oldies mecha, Patlabor is a great example. The funny thing is, the show and the ova have both aged well, to still be enjoyable despite all the shiny better animated shows out there. The cast is still full of personality, and the stories are awesome. I mean, the opening theme is a love song to a giant robot. That’s pretty classy.

Zeta Gundam-Oh, Char is the such an amazing guy…

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