Heartcatch Precure episode 1+2 Impressions

Good Mahou Shoujo or ‘Magical Girl’ anime is hard to find. It always has been. For every good magical girl anime about there, I can guarantee there are at least two crappy ones. Magical Girl is usually aimed at children, which are supposedly easier to please. One of the main problems is nowadays is the genre is dominated by Shugo Chara. Honestly, as much as I love the manga, I wish the anime series would end already and let a new magical girl anime take its place. Peach-Pitt has other things that it would be nice to animate.

Then again, maybe another long running franchise is moving to take Shugo Chara’s place with a surprisingly good installment. Heartcatch Precure is Precure’s seventh series. I know nothing about Precure besides that while it’s been going for such a long length of time, I haven’t heard much about it. I would have never checked it out if Psgels hadn’t posted about it.

Yet, it’s surprisingly good. Will it stay that way? Well, I’m not psychic, but I think this will be a good replacement for the soon ending Cross Game. What really stands out to me is how well animated the show is. Especially the facial expressions. The characters are made interesting just how incredibly expressive they are. In one scene five-seven minute in the second episode, I tried to screenshot all the different expressions one of the character’s had.

Also, while it’s not completely original, if does try to be different then the norm. In the battle, it wasn’t a magical girl transforming and blasting something, but there was actual fighting with punches and kicks. The only thing better then cute girls are cute girls kicking butt.

No idea who this, but he's my type of prince.

Not that this show is perfect. I am creeped out by and do want to strangle those fairies. However, for anyone interested in Magical Girl anime, I would recommend giving this a try. It’s not a ookie cutter boring Magical Girl, but one of the liveliest additions to the genre I’ve seen released in a long time.

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  1. Sable

    I’ve been a pretty cure fan for a while. The season’s aren’t to long and the characters are always interesting. So I’m glad to see this series and all it’s season/spinoffs getting some kudos!

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