A glimpse into being OCD

Part of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is much have everything around me structured, every single possible detail of my day and what happened when planned out as much as possible. I do not adjust well to sudden change, especially in my schedule. For the most part, this is pretty easy. I go to school. I come home. I do homework. If I have time, I do other things. Then I (attempt) to sleep.

It’s always interesting how the smallest things can attach itself to being part of my routine without me realizing it, and when it gets borked, I’m suddenly stressed and agitated.

For example. Fansubbers have lives. Fansubs are sometimes late. Cross Game’s release was late yesterday. I don’t even blog Cross Game on a regular basis, or watch it immediately when I download it, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal. However I had the constant feeling that I forgot to do something and was constantly rechecking because of that stupid fansub.

To be fair, my schedule has been rather messed up lately, thanks to the constant snow in Ohio and conferences, I only went to school for a day and a half last week. So if things were normal, it might have not mattered so much.

I was thinking about it though, and I actually do associate each day of the week with downloading certain animes. Monday is Cross Game. Tuesday is Sora no Woto. Wednesday is Kobato and Kimi ni Todoke. Thursday is Baka no Test no Shokanju. Friday is Durarara!! and Ookami Kakushi. Dance in the Vampire Bund appears when it appears, although I don’t really care that much about it. Saturday, I don’t really download anything I can recall. Sunday is Hanamaru Kindergarten and now Heartcatch Precure.

It’s interesting to me. How something as tiny as torreting an episode can become so ingrained into my schedule.

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