Kobato episode 17-Being Selfish is Bad

This episode of Kobato was much more lighthearted, but still managed to be good fun with one of the funniest parts I’ve even seen in the series.

Watanuki got hot...

The conversation between Ioroygi and his old buddies was interesting. They are adjusting well to their new lives while Ioroygi is obviously unhappy with his lot. I’m not sure I can blame him, he has to take care of Kobato and his friends get to cook sweets.

I don't think anything can kill him...

I had no idea whether the Mokona amusement park was awesome, or something out of nightmare. I think it’s somewhere between the two.

Oh my.

‘Hit The Target’ was definitely the best part. It was absolutely crazy and ridiculous, but incredibly funny.

All in all, I hope Ioroygi learned his lesson about being selfish.

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