A Durarara!! rant

Maybe I’m just unlucky, but in all the corners of Durarara!! Fandom I’ve run into, there seems to be one main focus. The pairing of Shizuo x Izaya. At first I shrugged it off as weird ships pop up in fandom, but as it gets more popular, and the fans are getting more vocal as well as…obsessed, it just irritates me more and more. Enough that I want to rant about it, even though at the same time I do realize it’s not hurting me, and to each their own. So I comprised a list of the reasons that it annoys me from the smallest reason to the biggest reason.

One of the many fandom secrets sure to crop up about this pairing...

4. They’ve only encountered each other once in the series so far. There’s no chemistry between them. In matter of fact, Shizuo seems more interested in breaking ever bone in Izaya’s body rather then being madly in love with him. However, I am aware of the power of well-written fanfiction, so while there’s no on screen chemistry, fandom is very capable of creating off screen chemistry. Also, they were evidently friends at one point.

3.This series is fabulous. I hate to see it become degraded to ‘OMG, these pretty boys in love!!!1111’ I am aware that it’s possible to like the idea of them together and like the series, but I’ve also been in fandom long enough to know that there will be some people in it only for the yaoi, and to push the pairing down everyone’s throats. What I mean by that is when anyone brings up Durarara!! wanting to know about it, there’s going to be an influx of ‘Shizuo x Izaya is so cute!’ responses. The idea of Durarara!! being boiled down to that is kinda sad.

2. The idea of either of them in a relationship with anyone creeps me out. I doubt Izaya is even capable of love.

1. They’re getting way more attention then my personal yaoi ship.

They get no love. ;_;


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6 responses to “A Durarara!! rant

  1. another case of the pot calling the kettle back ?
    and I thought it’s so nice to have someone complaint about that stupid little trend only to find out it’s from another yaoi fangirl ‘A`;

    • Actually, I’m not really a yaoi fangirl, I was just being silly. While many of my complaints were valid real complaints, I thought it nice to end the rant on a light-hearted note, especially as complaining about other people’s ships isn’t so nice. Ships are harmless.

      So yeah. Don’t take me so seriously. 😉

      • Oh come one what isnt nice about complaining about other ppl’s ships ? If it’s offense they already offended the characters’ fans by distorting their characteristic. If it’s the right/freedom then others have it as well ^^v

        Must say I’m not the type to go around complaining about ships but I come across them whenever I go checking out some eye candy stuff at DeviantArt and Pixiv so there is the need to split it out 😉

  2. cpuff94

    yes, this! i couldn’t put it in better words if i tried

  3. Ayame

    I lol’d at the end of the post. Being a ShizuoxIzaya “fan” myself, I guess, from my point of view, I enjoy reading the speculations of hardcore yaoi fangirls regarding the two’s interactions (which, I may add, are limited). Then again, I like all things slash and plausible. Maybe it’s because the canon pairings are usually “main girl who stands out” and “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon-type main guy” which became a bore for me after a decade of being exposed to anime.

  4. Maracuja

    Why is Shizuo/Izaya so unlikely to you? I think it’s pretty canon. I mean, look at all the weird couples in Durarara!: there’s the cute hetero couple, the wannabe incestuous woman, the lesbian incestuous twins, the man who wants to marry a headless chick, the one who fancies said chick’s head and dates the psycho stalker of his, the sword who loves humanity, and still you don’t see why people think that two guys who hate each other’s guts cannot have an affair. Maybe it’s not about “love”, but ambiguous relationships is Durarara!’s main topic, so… why not?

    (…and they’re hot).

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