Shameless Shipping Day 9: Sawako x Kazehaya

For February over at Borderline Hikkomori, for the 14 days up until Valentine’s Day, we’d talk about our favorite pairings, and why we loved them. I decided I’d continue the tradition over here, as it’s something I quite liked. Note that shipping wank with be dealt with the rolling of eyes, and laughing.

Sawako and Kazehaya are one of the most annoying couples currently present in the anime world, but one of the cutest.

The biggest flaw in Kimi ni Todoke is the slow slow slow pacing of the show, and that is takes forever for anything to happen. When the other characters think, ‘Why don’t you guys just go out already’, the viewer nods in agreement, having wondered the same thing for the last ten episodes.

Despite this, why do they make the list? There’s something irrespirable about them. First love has a strange sort of magic, and watching it blossom between people is something beautiful. While the slow pacing is incredibly annoying, it stretches out the moment, keeping us caught in the spell. Not only that, but being caught in the puppy dog stages of love when couples think that their other half walks on water is adorable.

Tl;dr, their relationship is beautiful to watch as it slowly unfolds.

I still wish the show would move just a wee bit faster…

All Pictures found on photobucket.


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2 responses to “Shameless Shipping Day 9: Sawako x Kazehaya

  1. “Strange sort of magic” is right ^^
    Thanks for making this KazehayaSawako shipper happy ^^

  2. anon

    i like the pace of the anime. at the end it’ll make everything more worthwhile. it took me and my boyfriend about 2-3 years before we actually confessed that we liked each other and started going out. they are a great couple, i wish more animes were like this 🙂

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