Shameless Shipping Day 8: Aoba x Azuma

Now, if the last couple I did had little fanart, this one has absolutely none. Which means I should draw it myself. However, the lack of art doesn’t make them any less of a great couple. I’ve wanted to write about them for awhile, but wasn’t sure of what I wanted to say. That was until I watched the last episode, and reminded me what exactly I love about the Aoba and Azuma dynamic.

While Aoba is highly desired, and sought after by many a gentleman, many of them treat Aoba as a goddess rather then an equal.

Azuma is the only person on the entire team who really acknowledges Aoba as an equal. Not even Kou seems to have the respect and understanding of Aoba that Azuma does. He’s also the one trying to convince Aoba to take her talents somewhere that she can use them rather then stay with the team. While Aoba seems to have made up her mind about this, Azuma doesn’t forget her talents, and that she is getting the short end of the stick.

To have someone care as much as Azuma does for Aoba really does warm my heart.

Not sure what to say on the Aoba’s view to Azuma. I think she’s not sure what to make of such a fabulous player’s respect for her or his attention. She seems set on not having a boyfriend, but Azuma has thrown her for a loop. Thanks to this, it does lead to some amusing scenes between the two.


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2 responses to “Shameless Shipping Day 8: Aoba x Azuma

  1. I’m shamelessly shipping Azuma’s brother and Aoba’s sister. I also like Kou x Fake-Wakaba, even though that’s pretty much guaranteed to never happen.

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