Sora no Woto Episode 6: Holy cra-oh, nevermind.

I’ll start off by being a bit of a killjoy, and point out that I hope they don’t keep doing fake battles in each episode, as it’s going to get old fast. I know that it’s actually a tease for the viewers, but it’s not one that can keep up for long. Still, I personally quite enjoyed their little play, although I was a little shocked to find out it wasn’t real. Shame on you, fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice. Realistically, I couldn’t imagine Rio or Filicia taking Noel and Kureha into this if it were a normal combat situation. It’s extremely hard to imagine them as soldiers just because they’re so young.

Kanata, that outfit is terrible.

I am starting to become attached to the characters, although they’re not the deepest in the world, and worrying what will happen if/when the face real combat. I’m also starting to wonder about the back story of these guys. We know how Kanata ended up in the army, but what about the rest of them?

Filicia is incredibly sexy when she's playing her role.

The soldiers’ participation is distributing alcohol was a nice plot twist, although not overly shocking. It’s been hinted out that the army isn’t really providing for these guys, and they have to make a living somewhere. That and it’s there job to protect the town. If the town is dealing in black market affairs, and something goes wrong, its better they know what’s happening so they can protect them. Which they did.

Noel's smile here scares me.

Now to the other half of the story. It was pretty cute, and I enjoyed it, especially how it tied into the events happening with the rest of the team. The ‘invisible reaper’ I think is radiation poisoning. I did some research on the bombings in Japan, and found out a common problem was even if people survived the bomb, they could suddenly become sick with radiation poisoning and die. This was a possibility even up to years after the bomb went off, and there is no cure. They either survived or didn’t. If so, that definitely confirms that there was nuclear warfare that destroyed the world.

Or radiation poisoning.

I feel incredibly sorry for those kids. They’ve lost so much, and have a lot of deal with that’d keep them in therapy for years if there still were therapists. Why? Just because of some stupid war.

I’m not sure how I felt about the execution of this episode, and if I felt it worked or not. It was different, and I do appreciate them trying to vary things.

One thing I really love about this series is it’s giving me many many ideas for Bliss Stage, which starts up again Friday.

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  1. “It’s extremely hard to imagine them as soldiers just because they’re so young.”

    I think that’s exactly it – there is thus some shock value attached to it.

    Of course, historically, soldiers really were young (and still are, in African wars.)

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