Shameless Shipping Day 7: Albert x Eugeine

For February over at Borderline Hikkomori, for the 14 days up until Valentine’s Day, we’d talk about our favorite pairings, and why we loved them. I decided I’d continue the tradition over here, as it’s something I quite liked. Note that shipping wank with be dealt with the rolling of eyes, and laughing.

First off, I could not find very many pictures of this couple, and had to make do with what I could I find. I did find many interesting pictures of Albert and The Count though. I think I’ll get over those with the help of my therapist and a couple years.

Gankutsuou is an anime I feel everyone much watch at one point. It’s an absolute masterpiece and one of the things that makes it so is many of the different relationship dynamics within the show.

One of those relationships is between Albert and his fiancée Eugeine. The thing is, they start off completely indifferent to each other, stuck in an arranged marriage. Throughout the course of the series, their feelings change for each other to really care about each other. When they finally do fall in love with each other, it’s only to have the families break off the marriage and arrange for Eugeine to be married to someone else.

At the end of the series, their relationship is left open-ended. The viewer isn’t sure whether they end up together or not. After all, Albert has a lot of deal with.

But I’d like to think they found a way to be together.

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