What happened to my computer, and why I am now back.

As some people saw on Twitter, I was worrying about not having a computer, as I had to take my laptop to the very nice computer doctor I have in town. I now have my computer back, and working fine, less then 24 hours later.

Yes, there is a story behind this, but long story short, I fail with computers.

What happened was a plugged a USB hub into my computer that had a broken wire that I was not aware of, causing short-circuiting of the USB board within the computer. This was a serious problem for me, as my touchpad doesn’t work properly, so I use an external mouse. I had actually disabled my touchpad. So I was left with trying to enable the touchpad with my keyboard on Vista to discover that I’d done the above. Spoiler alert, Vista is not that keyboard friendly, and my mom and I had to find and use a manual to get it enabled.

Resetting the computer did no good, so I resigned myself to having to have the card replaced, and packed it up for the doctor. Where it sat. For over 12 hours.

When we got to the computer doctor, I booted up my laptop, and he plugged his USB drive into the computer, where it worked.

He informed me that I’d gotten very lucky that I didn’t destroy the card, and packed it up and sent me on my way.

I feel like the computer pulled a fast one on me. Now I’m going to go finish Catching Fire.

Also, I will catch up on Shameless Shipping, just life has thrown me a few curveballs as of late.


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4 responses to “What happened to my computer, and why I am now back.

  1. crazy dave

    ah catching fire was a good read. kind of sad at some parts though.

  2. Computers are evil =<. Glad you got it fixed!

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