Meet my new friends, Rika and Rena!

Now while some people have an obsession with figurines, my little known obsession is different. I like plush dolls. Just recently, I added Rika and Rena to my collection. Yeah, they’re chilling on one of my book cases  with a koala.

Story how I ended up with both of them under the cut. And now looking at this, I need to go back and fix Rika’s hair.

Originally, I was only going to order Rika, as I’m not a big Rena fan, and didn’t like the initial picture of her on the website. But there was a picture mix up on the website, as J-list was having some website difficulty at the time. So I ordered based on the pictures on the site.

I received the Rena doll. I do immeditely fall in love with the doll, and decided to keep it, which I told J-list after informing them of the mix-up.

So I decided to order based on object name next time.

I received another Rena. This one I sent back, and hope she finds a good home. With help from J-list, I got it sorted out, and finally recieved my Rika doll Friday. My sister said that the mix-up probably happened so Rika wouldn’t be lonely, and I thought that was rather cute.

To end this off, I would like to have shout-out to J-list. They were extremely helpful and polite with the whole situation, and things did resolve quite nicely.


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2 responses to “Meet my new friends, Rika and Rena!

  1. steelbound

    Nice to hear a company working to make sure that the customer is happy.

    I don’t have many plush dolls but I’ve always preferred them to figurines – maybe because I don’t have to worry about little pieces breaking or because they’re cuter. Do you have many more anime plushes?

    • I have a Nia plush doll. Otherwise, no I don’t, as for many years I collected pokemon plushies instead. The company I was ordering from went out of business though, so inbetween saving for college, I’ve switched to anime plush doll.

      I do have a lot of plush dolls though. Just not anime.

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