Kobato episode 16: I knew I stuck with this for a reason

This episode made me really glad that I’d stuck with the series up to this point. While progressing the storyline, it was really well executed. This episode also provided development for the relationship between Kobato and Fugimoto without coming across as forced or clichéd.

Nice to see him get told off for once.

There were many cute aspects to this episode, as captured in the screenshots I’ve opted to post. One of my favorite things was Kobato’s terrible drawings. They’re absolutely hilarious.


However, there were many dramatic and tense moments within the episode too. We finally meet the loan shark’s leader face to face, and he is truly terrifying. With a laidback and jovial attitude, and a friendly demeanor, it doesn’t match his threats. This juxtaposition however, somehow scared the crap out of me. He’s obviously not a guy to be messed with. This idea was increased by the ripping down of the posters for the bazaar.

Overall, I'm just a sucker for Kobato expressions.

His appearance and actions throughout this episode did lead to more questions. Why does Fugimoto have his number? Furthermore, why does Mr. Loan Shark (yes, I know he has a name, I just want to call him that) want to impede with the nursery’s efforts to raise money? Isn’t it better for him for them to attempt to raise the money? I mean, it goes into his pockets.

I'm thinking this guys were the basis for Castform in Pokemon. They're so cute! I want one!

The other very dramatic part of this episode was Fugimoto’s confrontation of Kobato. It didn’t last very long, but it still leaves an impressionable mark.

So cute!

Also, on a side note, I’ve heard many Kobato fans complain that the anime is bad because it’s not being a faithful adaptation of the manga. I do not understand this obsession with perfect adaptations. Isn’t it boring to know exactly what’s going to happen? It’d be one thing if Kobato was a bad adaptation and was terrible, but the thing is, Kobato is a fantastic anime with many positive points. Just because it isn’t faithful doesn’t make it bad. If you want an anime worth complaining about, look at what Shindo or whatever his name is did to Dance in the Vampire Bund.

Third best twins ever. The second is a twin pair at school, the first is my sister and I.

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