Baka to Test to Shokanju episode 5

I’m glad to see this episode was better then the last. I was extremely worried, but it seems my fears are for naught. This show was just as crazy and silly as the show has been so far.

What can't he eat?

One thing that bugs me is while I love all the characters, we don’t need every single character to appear in the episodes. It’s starting to gain a bit of a crowded feel, with too many characters clamoring for screen time.

Six bit is always awesome.

Overall, I was very satisfied with this episode. I liked the happy ending. I also think I would like to see the Principal more, she seems like an interesting character. I’m glad she doesn’t seem to hate or dismiss class F, although she doesn’t have much respect for them either.

TTGL reference for the win.

On the side, for a drinking game, take a shot for every cliché made fun in this anime and end up really drunk.

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