Sora no Woto episode 5: Maybe this is your earth on global warming?

Edit: I can’t count.

The opening scene was definitely a shock to the system at first. Did these guys finally end up in combat? But no, it was actually training. I’m glad that they’re not using the lack of activity as an excuse to not be combat ready.

I'm getting a crush on Noel...

After that, we’re introduced to another military commander, although I’m not sure if he’s a superior army commander to Filicia, or on the same level. Either way, I’m a little worried of Kureha’s crush on him. Hopefully it’s just hero worship, but something of a romantic nature would be problematic, not only due to the age difference, but the rank difference.


Talking about Kureha, she annoyed the hell out of me in this episode. She needs to seriously gain some maturity and self control. I can take Kanata more seriously then I can take her.

This point, I strongly agreed with Noel.

The moment that really stands out in this episode is when they look out on the ‘end of the world’, a truly desolate landscape. The emotion that I felt at the moment was extremely strong, a mix of awe and sadness. Looking upon immediately conjures up the idea that what happened was a nuclear attack of somesort. Although if Psgels prediction about this being Switzerland is true, and that’s the end of the world, I wonder if a large section of earth has lost the ability to support life, and what remains is a small section of at least Europe.

Connecting a program my mom was watching yesterday about if the temperature went up six degrees, and looking at this, I also have to consider the possibility that this is our earth on global warming, the lack of resources causing war to break out. In the show, it said the increase in temperature would completely destroy sea life, which has happened in this world. It’s a far flung theory, but possible. Also, I will include the disclaimer that a) I personally don’t believe in global warming b) It’s a hot topic at school right now. I’m sick of the topic, and not interesting in debating whether it exists or not. I’m just raising it as a possibility of what happened here.

Hearing the title of the next episode, I hope it’s as enjoyable as the last ones we seen. The title doesn’t raise confidence…

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  1. Son Gohan

    Klaus is not a new officer, he’s the same guy who accompanied Kanata to Seize on his sidecar in the first episode. I believe he is a major.

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