Shameless Shipping Day 3: Mugi x Yui

For February over at Borderline Hikkomori, for the 14 days up until Valentine’s Day, we’d talk about our favorite pairings, and why we loved them. I decided I’d continue the tradition over here, as it’s something I quite liked. Note that shipping wank with be dealt with the rolling of eyes, and laughing.

One of the charming parts of K-On is the lack of romance and drama caused by such. That just isn’t an element in the show, and beyond the occasional yuri joke, nothing of the such comes up. It is obvious all four girls absolutely love each other despite each other despite this, though not in a romantic sense. Still, sometimes a overzealous fangirl in the same vein of Mugi can’t help but imaging more beyond what we see in the show, and if their love for each other went a little further.

Sometimes there isn’t really any support beyond a couple besides just liking the idea of them together, although the girls have a rather hands-on nature with each other. Yui and Mugi are easily the cutest (in my opinion) and most laid-back characters of the show, I can see them having a rather relaxed relationship with each other.

Perfect situation to what may not be a permanent relationship, but to puppy love and many first times doing many things.

The two of them are just too dang cute together.

I also can’t help but think Mugi would be thrilled to be a part of her own personal yuri story.

All pictures found on photobucket


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5 responses to “Shameless Shipping Day 3: Mugi x Yui

  1. RP

    Hmm, I don’t remember many Yui x Mugi moments actually… my ship is for the Yui x Azu-nyan combo!

  2. I never even gave a moment to think of them as a “what if couple” and I didn’t know anyone did, but seeing that you have quite a few photos, I guess a lot more than I believed thought they would make a good couple…

    • Actually, compared to some of the other pairings, there aren’t that many.

      • LinGaiVa

        I’m still wondering how this came about even if I like the fanart. Last count of fanart and fiction…

        MioxRitsu (the obvious, popular one with over 9000 fanart)

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