Shameless Shipping Day 2: Battler x Beatrice

For February over at Borderline Hikkomori, for the 14 days up until Valentine’s Day, we’d talk about our favorite pairings, and why we loved them. I decided I’d continue the tradition over here, as it’s something I quite liked. Note that shipping wank with be dealt with the rolling of eyes, and laughing.

Beatrice and Battler start off as passionately hating each other. However, if that passion was used for something else, it could make an interesting relationship…

It doesn’t help that there’s a lot of bones thrown to the fans of this relationship to keep them hoping. Even at the start, the two are fiercely flirting with each other. As the series goes on, and their relationships becomes more complicated, they grow from hating each other to grudging respect to, well, I’m not sure what they are at the end of the anime. But while they’re trying to defeat each other, one can see the possibility of a relationship between them.

The visual novels actually build the relationship between the two, and offer a lot more support to this then the anime does. As the anime finished feeling like a half baked cake, that’s not really any surprise that the visual novel progresses much further.

Although there is the kink that Beatrice killed Battler’s family, but I don’t think she actually killed them. She’s trying to goad Battler into solving the mystery, which is, well, difficult as anything considering he’s quite the wuss.

I do think it’s a little creepy though that Battler would be with the same girl his crazy grandpa was with…and she’s still a hot babe.

This paring not only has a ton of support, but takes on tons of flavors, which is a delightful element to this pairing. There’s the servant Battler, often complete with chains, Battler protective of Beatrice, both of them being lovey-dovey or both of them being devious together. It’s hard to find an angle not to like.

All pictures found on photobucket.


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2 responses to “Shameless Shipping Day 2: Battler x Beatrice

  1. moichispa

    Really Beatrice and Battler couple is quite interesting. Even if they hate each others.

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