Hanamaru Kindergarten 04: I’m onto to you Gainax…

I really like Hanamaru Kindergarten. However, I can’t help but wonder if this is going to be a twelve episode subtle parody without much of a plot.  After all, this is Gainax, and part of me is waiting for them to them to turn this whole thing on its head. Also, I’m doubtful that this premise can stay strong for all twelve episodes, although there are a lot of characters to introduce.

He doesn't understand Shoujo...

I’m not sure whether I would want Gainax to turn this on its head. Unless it’s some super duper sci-fi plot twist that involves some absolutely amazing mecha. I’m worried that the main direction that this would go would be to turn into from incredibly fun and happy to a seriously depressing anime.

Probably truer then they realize...

Why people may ooh and ahh over such a plot twist for years to come, as they tend to over most Gainax plot twists, I’d honestly rather then for this to becoming a deeply memorable anime, something that stays nice and lighthearted for a 12 week stint. Even if it’s not the most remarkable or memorable thing out there, I will be able to look back fondly on the anime if it continues at it’s current pace.

She makes an adorable shooting star!

I suppose though, unless my time machine decides to magically work, I’m not going to know anytime soon.

And thus they agree to a threesome...

I am really enjoying the format of these episodes into two short stories. Even if one falls flat in the other episode, I usually do like the other. All in all, it leaves me with a sense of satisfaction, even if it’s not the most amazing thing this season. Does it have to be a Gainax masterpiece? It pleases. Does an anime need to do more?

After all, maybe Gainax made this to have an excuse to do a hair twitch similar to Duck in Princess Tutu…

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