Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 4: Who needs fangs and supernatural powers if you have money?

Of all the bad points about Dance in the Vampire Bund, there is one very good point. It seems to offer a view of the power that comes from having money, and how that can overcome the power of the government. As we’re currently reading a book about the superclass and that power they have, it’s very relevant to my interests right now.

Wow, that looks comfy, if impratical.


The power that the vampires have is truly terrifying. I’m not talking about supernatural power as much as financial power. While the vampires have invested in beneficial things, the investment is more for their benefit then anyone else’s. It about gaining power that they can use against the humans.

This idea pops up again when Mira is talking about how the fangless vampires will benefit from the Bund. When asked if that’s why she wants that the Bund, her response is “If only that were the case…”

Many financial giants will put money into charities and beneficial projects, but more often then naught, it’s to increase their own public image.

What do the vampires want? That would require more thought then I’m willing to put into this series. I’m going to place my current guess at world domination and leave it there.

Between the terrible art, the confusing storyline, and the shallow characters, this keeps drawing my interest, although admittedly, I also find this so bad that it’s fun to watch.

Also, I can definitely understand why other vampires could want to murder Mira. She’s a bit of a brat.


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2 responses to “Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 4: Who needs fangs and supernatural powers if you have money?

  1. I think humans following Mina Tepes’ press conference weren’t terrified as much by the fact that their economies lie in the hands of another, self-interested race as they are now terrified by the fact that they are no longer on top of the food chain; even better, they are not the supreme race anymore.

    • I think though that it’s worth noting that if wasn’t for the fiancial power, the vampires wouldn’t have any bargining power. In fact, the Japan government probably would have laughed in their face.

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