Kobato 15: A Dark Cloud Descends Upon Kobato

Episode 15 of Kobato was a nice episode, where the main characters came together for a well-done episode.

Outfit fail.


It’s hard to explain what made this episode work beyond that everything was on the right pitch. Fugimoto’s harsh demeanor actually seemed appropriate to the moments in which he used it rather then being a jerk. The twins’ response to Kobato was a nice bit of fluff in a fairly dark episode. Then there was Kobato’s breakdown…

At first I thought she was laughing at Kobato, but then...

I can’t shake the feeling I have that while Kobato’s episodic stories end happily, that the series is going to have a pretty dark ending. There’s the debt, Sayaka’s failing health, and the problem that time is running out for Kobato.

Kids can always sense when something is wrong...

It’s also mention in this episode that Kobato’s memories are back. Obviously, someone important to her died from a sudden illness. I’m still hoping the next episode might be Kobato’s backstory, and that we might understand what her wish is.

Kobato...I understand you're worried, but sneaking into people's houses at night is creepy!

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