Will New Law Block Many Slash, Anime, Manga Sites in Australia?

Well, LJ loves to get it’s panties in a twist, over, well, anything. It’s truely a boring day if drama isn’t happening on Livejournal. Yep, I found this interesting.


It’s interesting, a perfect example of Freedom of Speech vs. Protection of the Civilians. Theoretically, if people are blocked from child porn, there will be fewer crimes against young children. Whether this is true, I’m not really sure, I’d have to look up some studies and evaluate them.

I, personally, do not have a big interest in slash, but if this was occurring here in American, ever fiber of my conservative democrat being would be furious. Not having access to anime and manga sites would be extremely upsetting. Not to mention, we’re promised the freedom of speech here in America, and this would be a violation of that (Within limitations, as determined by a few famous Supreme Court cases)

However since it’s happening in Australia, where they aren’t promised freedom of speech, I can only shake my head. I’m not happy about it over there. I believe that it’s farther then a government should go regarding censorship. Unfortunately, I could sit here, and rail against the evils of censorship, but I don’t think that Australian government officials would really care what those here in America would think.   

So what do you readers think? A good move by Australia, or a bad one? Should foreigners speak up against this, or leave this to Australians to deal with?


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2 responses to “Will New Law Block Many Slash, Anime, Manga Sites in Australia?

  1. I’m conservative and a Christan and while I do not like hentai materials on several grounds, I do not think it is any of my business to pass laws outlawing it. Our overpaid (and corrupt) lawmakers in the U.S. love to pass laws so they can say they care and never consider the consequences. Recently, Sasuga Bookstore stopped selling the “Negima!” manga for a few weeks because of an obscenity case against a man with lolicon H-manga (if you are bored, you can read about it here: http://astronerdboy.blogspot.com/2010/01/negima-manga-for-sale-again-at-sasuga.html ). I mention that while I don’t care for the nudity in “Negima!,” I can also see a possibility when a law would be passed to protect children that would then make “Negima!” illegal in the U.S.

    As to Australia, I say let them fight their own battles.

  2. negisensei

    i know this is epic late reply!!! But it is stated on the manga that it’s for 16+ and in australia we can have legal canal activities at that age so yeah…lol but my manga stores do the same tning with alot of manga, what i find funny is in my local libary negima manga is in the junior section of the kid section :S its pretty weird!

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