Amazing Grace

As I was surprised by the appearance of “Amazing Grace”, due to it being an English song, and appearing in Japanese anime, I decided to do some research into it.

 “Amazing Grace” was published in 1779 with the strong message of forgiveness and redemption. John Netwon, a dude with quite the wig, wrote it from his personal faith journey. It’s one on the commonly recognized English songs. (Maybe it’s well known in Japan thanks to English classes?).

 While “Amazing Grace” started out as a hymn, with the advent of the technology to record and the radio, is reached the ears of everyone, and became popular. It would be sung during many protests including the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam War. “Amazing Grace” even served as a personal beacon for people, helping them make it through tough times. Some famous singers who have recorded the song include Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley, and many more. With the production of the song by famous singers, it helped it gain international fame.

Nowadays, “Amazing Grace” is often played at funerals, memorials, and after tragedies, including 9/11.

Overall, it’s considered a universal song of gaining strength and finding redemption, a song that touches everyone, including anime characters in a desolate world. I’m not exactly sure why this song, but I think that can be answered with a ‘Why not?’ It’s universal, and a message of hope.

There’s even a movie that includes the creation of “Amazing Grace” although it’s not the main focus, it’s still an important part of the story, appropriately called, well, “Amazing Grace.”


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4 responses to “Amazing Grace

  1. Topspin

    Woto’s been pretty interesting for having such a strange hybrid setting. It’s like an odd fusion of Japan and Switzerland, which is a bit jarring to say the least.

    But then it’s at least trying to put up a fairly rich and realistic setting, which is always appreciated. Hopefully they won’t waste it by having a completely cliched plot, if/whenever that kicks in.

  2. RP

    I’m not a big fan of hymns, but Amazing Grace is one I do love. Simple and powerful. Definitely a little surprising to hear it in this episode.

  3. crazy dave

    If I remember correctly the only other time I have heard Amazing Grace in an anime was in one of the intro’s to Eureka 7.

  4. @Topspin-From what other people are deducing, it’s set in Switzerland.
    @RP-I was surprised too.
    @Crazy Dave-That’s interesting. I never watch Eureka 7 myself.

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