I like her!

The title is in reference to something that happened around here during election time. I live in a heavily republican area. When Palin was running for office and came under criticism, a house in front of the high school started sporting ‘I like her!’ signs. It wasn’t just one sign. Or two. The entire front yard was filled with these signs, and they also were hanging in every window.

 Now, I don’t like Palin. Sorry if I broke any hearts. Rather I really like another unpopular lady.


Now, to be honest, I’m not sure I like the show. I found the near rape scene extremely upsetting, although I’m rather sensitive about those things. Still, I like her. She’s rather immature, and impulsive. At the same time, she’s open and passionate about her feelings, as well as being playful and a bit of tease, qualities I value highly. Those cargo pants of hers are pretty sweet, and the bell is a cute touch.

Which leads to the question of, ‘Why aren’t I bothered by her friendliness and being rather hands-on with Hiro?’

I do like a foreword girl who’s open about what she wants instead of dealing with silly mind games. I also don’t find her actions abnormal at all. It could be where I’m growing up, where physical contact is a norm. We’re hands-on and hug friends, teachers, mentors, acquaintances, etc. The scene of someone hanging on some such as Isuzu hanging on Hiro is a common sight for me—though only between peers. I just see the relationship between them as a full out crush on her end, and budding puppy love on his end.

Hiro never complains, or tells her to back off with the touching. If he’s uncomfortable, he should say something, but he doesn’t. This is a fault on his end, not hers. Hiro actually comes across as being interested in Isuzu, in my opinion, but unsure what to do with his feelings, or how to react. I feel if he were to seriously tell her to keep her hands off, he’d respect that.

Also, it’s very obvious at this point that Hiro is in danger. I feel the Isuzu is trying to be around as much as possible to protect him without alarming him. Even if she didn’t have feelings for him-although I think she does- she clearly has his safety in mind. In this last episode, she tried to go with him to the hospital. Although her attempt failed, I can’t help but wonder if he’d have avoided the situation if she succeeded in accompanying him.

This is why I’m not bothered by her friendliness. Otherwise, I think she’s adorable. Jingle~

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