Baka no Test no Shokanju episode 2

So this show is basically so insane it’s awesome.

Best quote I've heard today.

This episode was very predictable, but I think this show needs to be predictable. Its format is to take the popular clichés and make fun of them, which is does remarkably well. I kept laughing out loud all through the episode, and was very glad I’m currently home alone.

A delightful bit of eye candy.

One thing that is was nice to see is that it looks like the show is going to try not to recycle the same thing over and over. While there was a battle again this episode, a lot of the execution was different, with different angles and the like. I did really like the part where the chibis went into being correctly proportioned people.

I'd love to be in a tug-of-war between those two~

The super glue was quite fabulous as well. To me it was impressive to see him not mysteriously get better, but have to deal with having a desk glued to his hand until it got destroyed.

The characters also start to get fleshed out in this episode. While not the most amazing characters in the world, the more I see of them, the more I become attached to them.

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