Kobato episode 14: Potatoes!

It’s kinda weird, as this episode finally explains the character development from Fugimoto the jerk to the likable character. It’s a good episode; it just feels out of place, as if it should have aired before the last few episode.


This is another episodic episode, this time featuring on a runaway boy. His story honestly tugged on his heart strings, a young boy frustrated with his current situation and wanting to go back to the past. Except when he tries to go back, it’s to find he can’t return. The shots of what his house is now were quite sad.

Fugimoto the jerk returned for the first half. There were so many times that I wanted to smack him and tell him to shut up. Luckily, this episodes seems to hint at this being the last we see of jerk Fugimoto. Now I can believe he’s gone for good.

At least in the way Kobato is, the episode had a happy ending. And it had a lot of potatoes. I love potatoes.

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