K-On extra episode

It was watching this that I realized just how much I’ve missed these girls. I love these girls, and the interactions between them, there’s just something about them that I have yet to see in an anime. They don’t get bogged down by drama for the most part, and just have a good time. Not to mention the cast almost entirely being made up with girls is lovely.

I agree with Yui here.

It was a pretty simplistic story, almost a step by step demonstration of how a live performance works being led by the K-On girls. It served the purpose of bringing the girl’s goofiness back into my day, and wetting my appetite for the second season.

I'm more amused by the photos surrounding it...

Oh KyoAni, you tease, you do your job well. I really want an episode where they do a complete performance now, after this little tidbit.

I've decided that she is the cutest character in K-On


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2 responses to “K-On extra episode

  1. Daniel

    Now that I think about it, I wonder how the show would be different if it had guys in it too?

  2. It would suck. You can’t have a guy without generating romantic undertones, and this show really doesn’t want that.

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