Dance in the Vampire Bund episode 2: Except I already read Twilight…

Let’s get something out of the way. I liked episode 2 of Dance in Vampire Bund. I don’t think this is going to be a masterpiece, but a show I will enjoy in a guilty pleasure sort of way.

And then a Morman Mom became rich.

At first as the episode opens with the boy, this seems like a knock-off of Twilight. Vampire in love with a human. But Dance in the Vampire Bund quickly does the one thing that Meyer couldn’t (read the first book, it was okay, had a lot of issues) is the characters caught my interest. I enjoyed watching the interactions between them, as they amused me, so I just laid back, and allowed myself to become sucked into the story.

The thing is, it’s obvious from the start that there’s more going on then just the love story between a normal boy and vampire girl. There’s a more complex story in the background, and I’m curious to what it is. Whether it with be worth it, or a jumbled mess, time will tell.

This show also has something that everything else airing this season is currently lacking right now. Action. Maybe when everything else picks up this will pale in comparison, but for now, this feel an empty void for me.

While girls are playing trumpets, some guy in getting use to his new city, a kindergartener falls in love with her teacher and such, we get THIS in this show.

I found the twist at the end of this episode brilliant. I was pleasantly surprised.

Not that it’s perfect. I have complaints. The opening animation made me feel more dirty then Nanoha did. Then the nude vampire part in the episode just was just uncomfortable. I disliked this a lot, and hope that we won’t be seeing too much of this again. The animation, while better then last episode, is nothing to write home about.

But in the end, I’m satisfied. That’s what counts.


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