Kobato 12+13

So Kobato continues to be strong over the next two episodes. It’s still very surprising to get use to the increase in quality of the episodes, but pleasant. Now I have higher expectations of the show then I did before.

So cute!

Episode 12 was fleshing out the backstory of Ioroygi and Kobato further. While some is still up to the imagination, most has been explained now. Although there was a hint that if Kobato doesn’t fill the bottle in four seasons, something worse is going to happen to her then not getting her wish. Maybe I’m overreacting. I will say, the running joke with the bow was pretty dang amusing.

I feel like I've seen this dude in Digimon. At the same time, he kinda reminds me of Zangoose...

Episode 13 was another extremely emotional story different then the rest. Before, they all had happy endings. This time, it was actually somewhere between bittersweet and downright sad. Who knew you could end up caring so much about a tree?

A stuff animal fighting? This is an actual fight, not a joke. Win!

Also, while nothing happened to explain Fugimoto’s shift in personality, I’m not going to complain too much as it’s an incredible improvement. He’s gone from a downright jerk to an actual likable person who seems gruff, but a caring guy. Part of me is wary, waiting for jerk Fugimoto to return, but it has not happened yet. Overall, a lot of the characters in Kobato have shifted from being kinda flat characters to more complex characters, which is probably most of what’s causing the shift in quality. When the characters are interesting, there’s more reason to watch.

Wish fangirl squee

Kiryuu! Now I want a Wish anime...

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