Hanamaru Youchien episode 1

I’m pretty sure this is the new show that I like the best out of the whole season.

How can you say no to this face?

It’s cute, but it’s more then cute, it’s well executed. When Gainex wants to, they make extremely interesting characters. Even though two of the three main kindergarteners are archetypes, they’re still interesting and fun to watch.

I especially love Tsuchida, and his bumbling awkward nature. It fits the show well, and keeps thing entertaining.

I’m not at all bothered by Anzu’s behavior with declaring she loves her teacher. Kindergarteners are like that, thinking they’re in love and going to get married, when they’re just attached. They’re just trying to mimic the adults in their life. What is weird is the mother encouraging the behavior…

Overall, another surprisingly good first episode. I couldn’t stop laughing, and can’t wait to see more.

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One response to “Hanamaru Youchien episode 1

  1. Indeed, very cute 🙂 Still have not seen this one, but it sounds like I should try 🙂

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