Brief Hitus

So I’m going to be on a brief hitus until Thursday for various reasons.


1.)    Exam week. I’ll be busy studying and all that fun stuff. I won’t have time for writing.

2.)     I just started my second round of antibiotics for microplasma. It’s pretty strong stuff, so I probably won’t have much energy as it is, and need it to study.

3.)     Being threatened to taken to court for libre and slander by my former blogmaster has taken some of the fun out of blogging. To clarify, I have not posted any libre or slander. I’ve just been told I’ll be taken to court if my former blogmaster finds anything she can use as such.  This is over something private, and CJ being ridiculous. I don’t take it seriously in slightest, but I still want a break. Dealing with stupid drama caused by crazies is wearing me down.


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5 responses to “Brief Hitus

  1. RP

    I’m no lawyer, but I would probably recommend not making any more public comments about what happened on BH, be it truth, fiction, harmless or not.

    • Daniel

      I’m inclined to agree. Probably best to play it safe here.

      • While I’m not going to go out of my way to say anything, I’m not worried. The case wouldn’t hold water in court, I don’t think she could even find a lawyer to take it.

        And if I start acting scared and whatnot, it means she won. I’m not scared of her.

        I apperciate the advice, I really do, and I know you guys care about, it’s just I find the whole thing a joke at best. At this point, I’ve dealt with so much drama, and so much fabrication by those causing it, I’ve lost all ability to take it seriously.

  2. lol, court

    Maybe she should get a life before taking the internet as serious business

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