Today is a very special day

Today is a very special day. On the 8th of Winter in Harvest Moon: The Sunshine Islands, my favorite character, the Witchkin, celebrates her birthday.

Witchkin is the niece of the Witch Princess, and the second most powerful magic user in the world. She loves frogs, and boots.

Also, today is my birthday, and as I’m 18, I’m pretty excited/think it’s kinda a big deal/want to make a lot of noise about it.

January 8, 2010, is a pretty good time to turn 18. It’s a Friday, Gainex’s new show comes out today, Leap Year comes out today, and we got a snow day at school today. I take this as a good sign.


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2 responses to “Today is a very special day

  1. steelbound

    Happy Birthday!!

    and yeah for snow days!!

    The highlight for me when I turned 18 was I went to the library to get my adult library card. 🙂 My library had this old battle-axe of a librarian and she would never allow me to check books outside of the “young adult” area but I was the type of kid that read Lord of the Rings in fifth grade and Tom Clancy novels by sixth grade so I was strictly interested in the adult titles. Before I turned 18 what I had to do – because she was always working – was wait for her to take a cigarette break or for when it got so busy that one of the other librarians would check books out as well and I’d go to her. 🙂 So it felt good when I no longer had to worry about her.

    • That’s a great story! I’ve always been that type of kid myself, but the library never cared, luckily.

      But I did have the excitement of telling J-list I was 18 when I ordered my Rika plush.

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