Durarara episode 1

Now this show has everything. Great art. Great characters. Great story. Great actions. On top of that, we also get a catchy opening theme, and an even better ending theme. I’m officially hooked and excited. This show has so much potential, and if it uses that potential, we’re looking at one amazing series.

If you haven’t seen the first episode, why are still here reading this post? Go and watch it already, dangit!


Now to get away from my fangirl squealing, and actually write about the episode. The first paragraph sums it up pretty well though, a lot of good stuff here. I like how effectively the directors put us into the mind of the main character, and have us easily feeling the same awe, wonder, and awkwardness that the main character is feeling. Brain Base brings out the best of putting us inside the character’s head.

Spice and Wolf? Heh, it's kinda sad, I've never watched a Brain Base show before, but I still know the references.

This episode followed two different stories, one of our main character, and the other of the mysterious motorcyclist. I’m not quite sure how the two will connect, but I’m sure they will.

So many stranger danger rules are being broken right now.

Especially as it looks like things are going to get very strange in the next episode. I can’t wait!

It's the Batman of Tokyo!

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