Sasameki Koto: Final Impressions

            It’s Aoi Hana all over again! Sasameki Koto aired in the season right after Aoi Hana, and was surprisingly similar in a lot of ways. Two girls in love. Endings that were similarity disappointing. However, Sasameki Koto was distinctly different then Aoi Hana.


Where Aoi Hana was driven by drama and art, Sasameki Koto was driven by characters and humor. Sasameki Koto had a much more light hearted tone, and plenty of ridiculous antics to keep the viewers laughing.

Also, the characters were well developed. The main and supporting cast was for the most part well fleshed out and done, with interesting personalities. Especially Kazama, being cute but weird, and Murasame, the strong one who wants nothing more then to be cute.

As the characters are well developed, what happens between them is truly touching. The highlight of the series for me is probably when Kazama is helping Murasame practice kissing.

I also had a fondness for Murasame’s brothers that looked like the came start of out of the sprite for the fighter in the pokemon games.

I give the series 4/5, as the only thing that keeps it from getting a 5/5 is the disappointing ending.

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