Sasameki Koto episode 13-final

Only one thing really matters with the last episode…

THEY DON’T HOOK UP! Seriously, is there some thing going around that the only way your allowed to write yuri romance just as good as any hetro romance show is if they don’t hook up?

I’m so disappointed…


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2 responses to “Sasameki Koto episode 13-final

  1. Lady Cookie Monster

    You have to continue following the story in the manga :D. The way they were making the episodes was one episode per manga chapter and the latest chapter was released on Dec 2009 and it was chapter 34 😛 You’re missing loooooooots, you won’t be disappointed.

  2. ajazz

    @ Lady Cookie Monster

    I am so, so glad to hear that. I was one saaaad panda by the end of episode 13. It helps somewhat knowing that things getting taken further in the manga. I just have to hope they bring out more episodes!

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