Kobato episode 9-11

Finally caught back up on Kobato, to find out with the joy that after episode 8, someone must have bopped the producers on the head and told them to cut the crap and get the show back on track.

Picture this!


One thing that really helped the show is the lack of Fujimoto in these episodes, reducing him to tolerable amounts. They also toned done of his attitude problems, and, dare I say it, made him semi-likable.

Fujimoto is a jerk. Simple enough.

Fujimoto is jerk. Simple enough.

Episode nine was an episode finally on par with the firefly episode. Kobato is once again at work healing hearts, and this time, she helps out two school girls. As they’re growing older, they’re growing apart, and she helps them find a way to keep their friendship alive.

Ohmigee! Angelic Layer!

Episode ten was an episode that revealed some of the backstory behind Fujimoto and Sayaka, and why there so close. While a lot of episode was about Fujimoto, he wasn’t really so much of a jerk in this. The back story was actually really cute and heartwarming, and actually not dull and boring, as backstory all too often all.

So cute~

In Episode Eleven, Kobato gets a job at a bakery, and helps work out some tensions in the shop. Honestly, I’m not really sure why she didn’t get any candy out of helping them though. This episode was just insanely cute, and I have the nagging feeling I’ve seen the girl who looks at the bakery before. I probably have, but I’ve also read a lot of CLAMP, so I don’t always remember who they are.


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2 responses to “Kobato episode 9-11

  1. RP

    The scene with Kobato and the Chiis is almost cute enough to make me pick this back up. They should’ve just made the whole show about those three.

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