Devil in the Details review

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It’s not possible to write an unbiased view of this book, as obsessive-compulsive disorder (also known as OCD) is difficult to explain, and I have the advantage of already understanding it, but I’ll do my best to remain so.

This cover drives me nuts. I want to put the last candy in line with the others.

There are positive points that any sort of reader should be able to enjoy. For one, this is a very realistic portrayal of OCD. Traig does not hold back, but leaves in every detail of her untreated OCD, and the effects it had on herself, and the people around her.  Her story is also a fascinating story. It’s not just the story of a girl with OCD, but the story of a girl caught between two religious cultures, and struggling to find her identity, and trying to grow up, hampered by the lack of education about her religion of choice, and any way to properly treat OCD. But mostly, it’s the story of a girl who suffers from OCD.

The real strength of Traig’s story is in the way she tells it. She tells it with a sense humor, and not a sense of bitterness, as if the time period’s something to be laughed at. Even when the imagery and situations are truly disturbing, Traig keeps you drawn in and smiling.

The only real problem with the writing is while the most part she moves foreword, sometimes Traig will jump forward and back in time, causing some confusion.

For anyone who has OCD, this book is a must read. It honestly speaks the feelings of emotion with OCD that are hard to speak, and we’ll smile that secret smile as we recognize Traig talk about something we know about ourselves, wince about the struggles of her family to cope, and best of all, not only cheer Traig on, but be reminded of the almost undesirable euphoria that is felt when we get control over our lives. Most importantly of all, it’s reminds us we’re not alone, and that at the very least, there’s one other person who knows what it’s like.

I can’t help but wonder if Ms. Traig googles her name and her book obsessively, and will find this review, and end up reading this review about her book detailing her battle with OCD written by a girl who writes reviews as a way to help control her OCD. Kinda amusing, wouldn’t it?

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  1. thanks for this review. I have yet to read the book, but now it’s higher on my list since you mentioned it’s a must read for someone with OCD. (I learned in college that I have OCD, too, so it’s also nice to connect with someone else who has it who knows I’m not crazy. hahaha)

    also, the cover drives me crazy, too.

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