Adventureland review

Yes, I should be watching by backlog of anime. So sue me.

Adventureland is a story of coming in age and falling in love with the backdrop of theme park rides and carnival games. It’s not a fast paced film that you watch with at a get-together to get the excitement going, but rather a low-key contemplative quiet film to watch on a day you want to relax.


Main character James Brennen(Jesse Eisenberg) ends up needing a summer job to pay for graduate school, and gets stuck with a job at the amusement park Adventureland. There, he meets Emily  ‘Em’ Lewin (Kristin Stewart) when she keeps him from being knifed over the issue of a stuffed giant panda. A relationship starts to form between them, complicated by Em already having an affair with the park mechanic.

Adventureland is billed as comedy but to call it such is ridiculous. There are a few moments that cause laughs, but it’s a slice of life, and a beautiful one at that.

Surprising enough, the highlight of the film is Kristin Stewart’s performance. While Twilight is a cashcow, it’s a complete waste of her talent. Kristen’s portrayal of the walled off emotionally, angry, confused, yet adventurous and loyal friend is entrancing, and keeps one eyes glued to her whenever she’s on the screen.

My only real issue is how slow this movie is at point, taking forever to get through scenes.

All in all, it’s a wonderful movie, and one that if you’ve ever experienced the magic of summer where everything is possible, and the best and worse can and do happen, this movie will probably speak to you.

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