Knocked Up Review

            So after being pleasantly surprised by 40 Year Old Virgin, I decided I’d give Knocked Up a try. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a lot of vulgarity, my reason for initially avoiding it. There was indeed a lot of that. But there was an actual plot, well developed characters, and to be expected with Apatow, witty dialogue.

The idea itself doesn’t sound too terribly innovative. A total loser knocks up a girl on the path to success. What makes the movie work is the characters. Knocked Up features a huge cast of characters that are very entertaining and likable, from the main couple to minor characters that appear in one or two scenes. You grow to like them, and they steal your heart.

Part of this is due to the fabulous job done in picking the cast. Everyone seems perfect for their role, and acts to the best of their abilities. I really liked 29 Dresses, which stars Heigl, but I have to admit, she seems far more lively and energetic in this role then she ever did in 29 Dresses.

Also, the characters that do develop in this story, do so well. The character development feels natural, and not forced. Only one characters development is really shoved into your face, the rest of it is subtle yet noticeable.

On top of all this, it’s funny. Not constantly laughing your ass off funny, but constantly keeping a grin on your face funny. The dialogue is witty, and the situations are fabulous.

Yes, there is vulgarity. However, it all seems to fit, with the loser guy hanging out with his loser friends, and the conversation they have sounds like the type of conversation these people would have. People lose their temper, and sound like how people sound when they get mad. There are a couple scenes that makes you think ‘Did they really need to say/show that?’, but for the most part, it all fits.

All in all, what I expected to be total crap is a great film that demonstrates Apatow at his best.

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