Trapeze final impressions

Trapeze is a show where there’s a lot to like. Originality. Wacky characters. Actual world building within interconnecting stories. However, I feel the real genius of Trapeze is within the message of the show, where half of it will go over everyone’s head.

Triple trouble

Trapeze, of course, presents the message that ‘No One is Perfect’. That’s the message that’s been stuffed down our throats since we were little and in preschool. However, Trapeze goes further with that, going beyond that no one is perfect to include people with mental disorders. It tells us that even if you have a mental disorder, you’re okay the way you are. In fact, it states we need these people in our world and that if you happen to have a disorder, it can be counted as a good thing, not a bad. Do you have to struggle and deal with issues that other people don’t have to deal with? Yes. That’s just simply the price you pay.

I don’t know of any other people who have disorders watching this series, but for me, a show coming out and saying that meant, well, a lot.

Not to mention, the execution was well done, and kept you drawn in. There were honestly funny moments to keep you interested. Constant cameos and references to other episodes were pretty awesome as well. This was a series that started off as ‘Well…um…okay’ and turned into some fantastic. I do feel like overall, Trapeze is a successful anime, and one of the gems of a lackluster fall season.

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