2009 Anime Overview

An overview of what I watched in 2009. Onto 2010!

Winter 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers

Status: On hold at 2/Way too many

I started watching this, and then my sister didn’t want me to get ahead of her and wanted up to watch it together. So currently on hold until we get to it.


Maria Holic

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 6

My first SHAFT show, and of course, it had to be the disappointing one. Maria Holic had a strong start, and then fell apart. Problem was, Mariya was the only really cool character, and he didn’t appear enough. Still, I look back rather fondly on Mariya. The manga itself has proven to be fairly entertaining, and so far, better then the anime.


Status: Dropped

I tried to like Rideback. I really really tried. But something just didn’t click, and I eventually gave up.

Spring 2009

Cross Game

Status: Watching

Talk about a surprise! Who would have though an anime about baseball could be so good? Yet Cross Game is amazing. Sometimes committing to a 52 series is intimidating, but they also can have enormous payoffs. In this show, the baseball actually takes the backseat to the slice of life moments and relationships between the characters. Cross Game tried to fall into a rut, but successfully pulled itself out.


Eden of the East

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 10 (A little overzealous, looking back)

The anime that got us hooked, and then left us hanging, wanting more. We’ve been promised a few movies, but let’s see if they’re appropriately awesome. The story was a little bit ridiculous, but the characters were awesome.

Hatsukoi Limited:

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 7

A slice of life show about being in love from different viewpoints. What weighed the show down was it’s huge cast, but it was still a really great ride. Really emotional at some points, and really funny at others, it was definitely a success by J.C. Staff.



Status: Completed

MAL Score: 8

K-On often gets a lot of crap for feeding into ‘moe’, but the main thing I have to say to people is don’t knock it until you try it. This is more then ‘moe’ but a nice slice of life with some nice music. Not the most perfect anime in the world, but it was my ray of sunshine every week, and pretty consistent.

Natsu no Arashi

Status: On hold at 9/13

Second SHAFT show I’ve watched. Despite a crappy first episode, it’s a great show. I don’t have a good excuse for not having finished it yet.


The Sky Crawlers

Status: Completed

I don’t think this is Oshii’s best work. It’s as if he got too caught up in trying to make a masterpiece and forgot to enjoy himself. Still, it’s a pretty good movie, and one that I think everyone should watch, especially if you’ve never watched Oshii before.

Summer 2009


Aoi Hana

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 10

Aoi Hana proved that you can have a yuri romance just as deep and mature as a het romance. Probably better then most of the romances I’ve seen, Aoi Hana is just amazing with a compelling story and beautiful art.


Status: On hold at 1/15

I do mean to go back and finish this. It’s just, the first episode didn’t grab me, so I thought I’d wait out, and see what everyone thought. In the end, I missed out.


Baseball Playing Girls

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 7

I liked this, but I didn’t love it the way some people did. It was fun, but rather lackluster compared to Aoi Hana.



Status: Completed

MAL Score: 6 (Ffff-that’s way too nice.)

What a waste of time. All this build-up to a terrible finale. At least the opening theme is cool.



Status: Completed

The Endless Eight sucked. However, I really liked the second arch. I think though that they should have thrown out the Endless Eight and just made an OVA. Yet, the Endless Eight is still selling. WTF? Do you want KyoAni to do more like this?



Status: On hold at10/24

NEEDLESS was fun, but it did too much talking and not enough action. In the end, with too much other more interesting stuff to watch, this fell by the wayside.


Pandora Hearts

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 6

My guilty pleasure. Pandora Hearts wasn’t great, with flaws from bad animation to a string of boring episodes until something interesting happened, but still, I loved it to death. Probably because of Alice. Oh Alice. Marry me~

 Sora no Manimani

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 8

This was such a fun series. Mihoshi was an absolutely adorable character, and the rest of the cast was packed with great characters. Great slice of life, and I have my fingers crossed for a second season.

 Sea Story

Status: On hold at 2/11

Another series that after not being overly impressed with the first 2 episodes, I decided to wait and see. It isn’t an amazing series, but it seems to be a fun one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

 Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 6

I just didn’t like this. I don’t quite understand, it just didn’t work for me.

Found, not made.


Umineko no Naku Koro Ni

Status: Completed

A fun mindfuck of a series that unfortunately left us with more questions then answers. I’d suggest looking back on my Umineko no Naku Koro Ni final impressions for more.

Fall season 2009

Found, not made

Kimi ni Todoke

Status: Watching

It’s nice to see a shoujo series in the line-up but it’s so slow, and some of the drama is just so stupid. Probably the biggest disappointment of the fall season for me, but I keep going along and hope it improves.



Status: Watching

An adorable slice of life. Too bad Fujimoto has to be on of the most annoying male leads I ever encountered. Luckily, Kobato makes up for him. I’m rather disappointed there hasn’t been any episodes like the firefly one though.


Sasameki Koto

Status: Watching

The surprise of the season. Another yuri anime that was a well done romance story.

Fanart, don't know who it's by.


Status: Completed

MAL Score: 10

Probably the best of the shows I picked up this season.

 Other things I watched this year, but not released this year.


Fate/Stay Night

Status: On hold

My mom, sister, and I are watching it together. Thus, progress is slow.



Status: Completed

MAL Score: 9

Fabulous series in so many ways. It got a little weird at the end, but, well, it’s Gonzo. Innovative art style, great characters, complex story, amazing amazing amazing!

Hana Yori Dango

Status: Dropped

I just don’t like stories were the jerk gets the girl.


Higurashi season 1 and season 2

Status: Completed

MAL Score:  Not rated/10

Great memories, great show.

Honey and Clover

Status: On hold

This started off with me watching it with a friend of mine…that kinda fell apart in the midst of drama and such.

Kare Kano

Status: Completed

MAL score: 10

I like this series, but it also brings back bad memories for me as well. Anyone looking for a good shoujo series, check this out.


Lucky Star

Status: On hold

I didn’t expect to end up loving this, but I do. It’s great! My library only has the first three dvds though…


Nanoha and Nanaoha A’s

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 9 and 10

Definitely a great magical girl show that defies the stereotype. I marathoned both the first and second season, and I regret nothing.

Night on the Galactic Railroad

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 8

A very deep, yet strange anime.

Ocean Waves

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 7

I feel like I should like this because this is a Ghibli film, but I really didn’t like it.


R.O.D. the TV Series

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 7

A really fun series, with some of the strangest insanity. Dinosaurs in London anyone?



Status: On hold

Despite what many people say, I actually really like RomeoXJuliet. Maybe it’s just because I’m a sucker for fantasy.


Rozen Maiden

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 10

Again, despite what many people, I absolutely love this series. More for their accurate description of someone suffering from a mental disorder more then anything else.


Status: Completed

MAL Score: 5

Did not like.

 The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Status: Completed

MAL Score: 7

A fun enough movie. I don’t remember too terribly much about it beyond that I enjoyed it, and the ending was sad.

Ultra Maniac

Status: Completed

Typical magical girl anime, but it was good fun. I enjoyed watching it for the light-heartedness and simplicity of the show. Nina was adorable as well.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Status: Dropped

There’s nothing bad about this show. It’s inane, the characters are awesome. It’s just that I checked out the manga, and found out it’s a lot better.

Zeta Gundam

Status: On hold

Awesome series. Only reason I haven’t finished is I have to check it out from the library. Char is so sexy.


Series Picked Up: 38

Completed: 21

Movies Watched: 5

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